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"It is strange that we expect students to learn, yet seldom teach them anything about learning."
Professor Emeritus Donald Norman

It is an indisputable fact that:

"Every child wants to learn, every child can learn and every child will learn".

The only thing that matters is how and what a child learns.

At LEARNING NEXUS, we believe that EVERY child is a success story waiting to happen. How successfully a child learns is dependent on the quality of the curriculum, instruction and materials they receive, and this is where LEARNING NEXUS makes the difference. Dedicated to developing the total child, our sole objective is to help children sustain that thirst for learning ensuring that they never tire in their pursuit for knowledge.

More importantly, we understand that the quality of the curriculum, instructors, and material are critical for a successful learning symphony, and have made life related and project based learning a priority.

True to our mission of Educating For Tomorrow, our STEM+Arts based curriculum is on the cutting edge of education, and we keep ourselves current by being informed about the best and latest in brain and educational research.

We invite you to spend some time getting to know us through our site and when you are ready set up an appointment to take a tour of our facility to get to know who we are, see a class in progress and have all your questions answered. This will also give us a chance to know you, your child?s needs and how we can best work with you to meet them.
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